Systems for capturing and processing images

What is a Capturon Matrix Vision Scanner?



The Capturon Matrix MAS (multi array scanner) is an absolute unique scan solution in the industry.
Customers are in the packaging-, soft signage-, apparel-, sports-, automotive- and many other industries.

Over the last years, hundreds MAS installations made.

Many integrators from different industries use our systems since years.

The Capturon Matrix MAS consists of multiple 2D cameras. Up to 64 are combined to get a single scan-line or image.

As it is a modular system of sections of 32 cm, the MAS can be produced in different lengths, ranging from 0,32 m to more than 5,12 m scan width. The scan length is endless.

The advantage of the MAS multiple camera solutions are, that the captured picture has absolut minimum distortion at the outer limits and a higher resolution against standard cameras with single, double or triple camera solutions. That leads to much higher precision in positioning.

Hardware features:

The lightweight scanner housing is made of anodised aluminium profiles and has a coated glass window.

The output of the scanner is software processed to create a file, cut file, picture.

The modular electronics of the scanner consists of 1 up to and including 16 modules, every module can host 1, 2 or 4 cameras.

Every camera can be equipped with a 10, 12, 16, 25, 35 or 50mm lens, depending on the positioning of the scanner (distance to the material).

Specific filters are available.

The data handling of every camera is FPGA controlled, used also for pre-processing the pixels, available are Bayer colour and 3-d processing.

Custom-made adaptions are possible.
The scan width (this depends on the number of modules inside) is from 32 cm up to and including 512 cm.

The number of cameras inside is 1 up to and including 64, depending of scan width and distance to the object.

The cameras modules are available in B/W and colour.

To the scanner belongs a USB3 connection, with advanced driver software.

The pixel transfer rate is 66 MHz.

Software features:

MVS (Matrix Vision Software) modules:
A package contends the Main Package in addition of minimum one more module:

1) Contour Cut

2) Skew & Bow

3) Reference Points

4) Mat Cutting

5) Pattern Matching

Every module programmed for a specific application.